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Certifications & Memberships

Internationally certified, trusted products.

Proudly South African logo

Proudly South African since 2014

Proudly South African is a campaign to promote local companies, organisations, products and services that have a high level of quality and local content, adhering to good labour practice and environmental standards.

Ecocert certified logo

Ecocert certification since 2013

The agricultural process used to produce and harvest Bulbine frutescens, Moringa oleifera leaf powder and Moringa oleifera seed oil is certified organic by Ecocert.

U.S. FDA registration

Botanica Natural Products holds US FDA Registration mandated by the United States Food and Drug Administration responsible for protecting public health from various consumer products such as Drugs, Medical devices, Food & Cosmetics. Download our FDA Certificate of Registration here.


ICSA Halaal Certification

Botanica Natural Products is authorised by the Islamic Council of Southern Africa to sell, handle, process, pack, market, transport or store its nutritional products and cosmetics.
Download our ICSA Halaal Certificate here.

Kosher Certificate

Products from Botanica hold a Kashrut Certificate, certifying that its range of plant extracts, health products, extracted oils, seeds and fruit powders are classified as pareve and kosher mehadrin. Download our Kashrut Certificate here.



Global GAP certification

Global GAP is a trademark and set of standards for Good Agricultural Practices. Global GAP certification ensures responsible, transparent and sustainable agricultural practices which are beneficial for the environment and each person through the value chain, from the agricultural staff to the consumer.
Download our Global Gap Certificate here.

Cosmetic Export Council of South Africa

Botanica Natural Products is a member of CECOSA, which facilitates and assists with export opportunities for the South African cosmetic, toiletry, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries.
Download our CECOSA membership certificate here.

COSMOS Standard

Our non-organic raw materials are compliant to the standard COSMOS Version 3. These cosmetic ingredients include avocado oil, baobab oil, grapeseed oil, Kalahari melon seed oil, marula oil, and moringa oil.
Download our Attestation of Conformity to COSMOS standard here.

We cultivate and supply indigenous plant extracts & oils in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.